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The Now Project is a growing mindful community. A bunch of like minded people working together and supporting each other to enable real change in our shared experience of this world and to the world around us. Welcome to the family!


The Now Project Community pages are dedicated to providing an online space away from other social media networks in order to support one another on our mindful journeys. You can connect with other people practising Mindfulness as well as other people who may have been on Now Project retreats and classes. The forums, groups and chat facilities are accessed once you sign up and is all FREE. Activity within the Community pages are monitored by The Now Project Team and we are on hand to help where possible, so please reach out if need be.


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Join our growing mindful community and get chatting with like minded people all doing our best to live a mindful life!

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Meditation is an essential part of our Mindfulness practice. We have several guided meditations on video and audio, all FREE to download and use.

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Classes, Retreats and Mindfulness Coaching…


What's On

The Now Project offers a range of Mindfulness based services, including the ever popular evening class in London, Real Mindfulness; Weekend Retreats in Suffolk; the Thursday Group for ongoing support and community plus one-to-one coaching.

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Personal Mindfulness Coaching

The Now Project has a great team of teachers who can work with you one-to-one. Between them they have helped, and to continue to help, many people to overcome mental health issues including depression, anxiety and addictions.

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