Awakening to your self… or to put it another way, who are you without your story and Ego? (by ego I mean the story of you)

In the East they might say your ‘true nature’, whatever term is used the meaning is the same; who are you really? There is a lot more to us as human beings than we are aware of.

If you have already had this awakening and are on this path of liberation, you know how powerful it is to realise you’re not who you thought you were. I bet you can remember the date and exactly what you were doing when the shift took place. Now, for this to happen to a human being is just mind blowing. The Buddha had an analogy about a blind turtle swimming the oceans, only coming up for air every 100 years, and a float ring lost at sea; what are the chances of the turtle putting his head through the ring? That’s how rare he thought this awakening process is. However, lots of people I know have gone through this shift, why? The why might be obvious, we need to! As a species we are killing each other and destroying the planet, our egos are running wild and it’s not a pretty sight.

Ego’s left to their own devices can and will do anything, just take a look at the news if you don’t believe me. But even as I write this, something in me knows that the mind can never understand this, and the feeling is everything is perfect and it’s all part of a cosmic game. So awakening to your true nature is two things:

1. It’s the falling away of who you thought you were, and a gradual letting go into the mystery of who you are. This will, for many, be a painful process and until we surrender our will and how we think it should go then we suffer. You also start to feel the pain of the madness going on around you.

2. You know deep down that connection you have with the divine is not concerned with your story, and how good or bad it’s going.
Ken Wilber, an American psychologist says, you feel more but care less. Can you hear that? Feel more, care less – and by care less I don’t mean we don’t care – we feel more, but it’s not personal anymore. That’s not something they tell you in the books, it’s a living reality on this journey . So part of this stripping away of who you thought you were is also feeling a deep connection with everything around you.

So, what am I trying to get at here? Most people enter into a Mindfulness practice because they’re in pain, either physical or more commonly mentally – being tossed around by our thoughts and emotions. When first starting out there’s an element of wanting to escape pain, all perfectly normal behaviour. But Mindfulness is not about escaping, it’s about acceptance and flowing with life. So when we practice Mindfulness we do so knowing you cannot run from pain and once you have established yourself in the here and now you become acutely aware of the pain around you. See there’s nowhere to go, you deal with your pain and then have to deal with everything this world will throw at you as well, so there is no rush!

This isn’t a spiritual journey we are having, it’s a human journey, because who you are is already whole and ultimately one with everything, it is the human part we are struggling with – how to deal with this life with all its ups and downs. That’s the beauty of uncovering who you truly are, it gives you some space so you can navigate your way through this whole life process with a certain ease and also lets you express your authentic self, that’s why we are here, to wake up and create a new earth.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” Eckhart Tolle