We are absolutely delighted to introduce the latest member to join The Now Project Team – Jihan Sibany.

Jihan is an Integrative Life Counseller and Yogi, who will be assisting us on our retreat weekends, offering mindful counselling and hosting group sessions. Below, in her own words, Jihan shares her story with us – explaining what brought her to mindfulness in the first place, what benefits it has brought to her life and how she has discovered a ‘profound serenity’ from a combination of mindful practices – which she now joyfully shares with others.

My journey with mindfulness began as for so many, during a very tough and painful time of my life. I had a difficult start to life and encountered some of the darkness for myself at a very early age, being exposed to things a child should never see/hear or experience. I became extremely attuned to my surroundings as a survival technique-tuning into the finest details of the present to be prepared for what was coming. Facial expressions, voice tones-was anything about to erupt? Body-language, my own intuition-Was this person being sincere, was I safe?  Surroundings-where could I run and hide, what were the exit routes? Retrospectively I realise that Mindful Awareness has been my Knight in Shining Armour.

I learnt how to soothe my fears and worries in those quiet lonely moments, I turned to the constant presence of that inner calm as a respite away from the harshness of my reality. The ability to be present, to experience the reality of the NOW, as scary as that has been at times for me.

I am a sensitive soul, I’ve always been deeply hurt and affected by the darkness in the world. The way we treat each other, the way we treat the earth we inhabit. My childhood innocence couldn’t make sense of it and I’ve remained confused ever since.

Life doesn’t get any easier as we grow up – in fact the reality of LIFE can threaten to drown us at times. I’ve often felt my boat rocking and have fed the angry waves with the familiar thoughts and beliefs of my MIND. If it was up to my mind it would strip everything real away until I was left with nothing but a rotten log to cling to in the choppiest of waters.

As an adult I have learnt to reconnect with that constant internal spring of life, that consistent presence, that safe place inside. Yoga, meditation, chanting and breath work are all routes to being Mindful, they all encourage one to be fully engaged in the moment, in the practice, in the connection to stillness. I have found a profound serenity through these practices.

I live a Yogic life, not just the pretty poses – Yoga is about so much more than that. The union of the Mind, Body and Soul-an 8 limbed path that is a way of being rather than a fitness regime. Devotion to living a moral life, to treating the world and others in a loving and healthy way, mindful meditative practice to encourage a clear, more focused consciousness, rooted in LOVE.

I am so privileged that my path has lead me to place where I now work with other people who feel lost or are struggling to feel a sense of fulfillment and serenity in their lives. As a counsellor I work mindfully, teaching clients meditation techniques and how to be present in their bodies in order to become the observers of their troublesome minds as a human I struggle with my own dualistic nature.

This constant silent calm that exists within me is the only source I trust, the pause in a moment, the true reflection of the Now

You can find more information about Jihan by visiting her website here