It is with great pleasure we introduce the latest member to join the Now Project team: Jo Hooson.

Jo joins the team as a Personal Mindfulness Coach and specialises in ‘Awake Life Practice’ – teaching people how to truly live in the awake state, embracing life from the heart not the head. Also qualified in hypnotherapy and with a unique blend of spiritual counselling skills, Jo will be working with us on our retreats in the UK and Italy, and is available for 1:1 coaching and mindfulness training. To book in a session with Jo, or enquire about her services in further detail, please contact us.

I specialise in ‘Awake Life Practice’. This is when we truly live in the awake state. We understand the power of the present moment and Mindfulness becomes a way of life. We start to live from the heart rather than the head. Rather than operating from the mind, we begin to process information using the inherent wisdom of the heart by tuning into feeling senses, the energy body and intuition. We can learn to feel safer, to trust our experience and begin to express as our true selves more fully. My own story is a journey of awakening following a very difficult time in my own life when I was a single parent, struggling with deep depression, anxiety and OCDs. Maybe you know what it’s like to be in the depths of despair, feeling utterly stuck with no way of making life better. I had no choice but find a new way forward because my children needed me. I became passionate about exploring consciousness and the nature of reality. Self-enquiry and mindfulness made the initial changes but what really shifted everything was realising the true nature of who I am, and understanding the Now moment is where everything is experienced and created. I have practiced this in my life for the past 10 years and I am passionate about helping others to wake up, to feel better and live a more conscious life. I can help you become your own therapist by deepening your mindfulness practice, learning simple tools and techniques to help you feel better. I can assist you with feelings and emotions, with anxiety, over thinking, being stuck and making change. I can help you to be more conscious of what you are creating and attracting into your life through your state of being and your energetic transmission.